Historical Review

MCR TELECOMMUNICATION Company was founded in 1993 by four qualified engineers who worked in the telecommunications. As a technology-based company, MCR TELECOMMUNICATION Co develops innovative products intended to various PMR markets using both analog and digital technology standards, and as well to mobile phone networks infrastructure.

Since its creation, the company was led first by two Co-managing Directors and then by a shareholder who belonged to the board of associates.

After a forced shutdown period, the company has restarted in 2011 with a strengthened leadership structure led by a Chairman and a CEO who compose the core shareholders. The structure implementation as well as the appointment of a CTO were fully approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders held in 2011.

In order to improve and reinforce its international trade activities balance, and to comply with international industry standards, MCR TELECOMMUNICATION Co aims to continue to deliver the best of the innovation for the international telecommunication market.