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    Users may not have access to all the information requested even with links intended to. Cookies saved on computer's users may be required for some features on the server. Furthermore the users are informed that MCR TELECOMMUNICATION cannot prevent the collection of information through such cookies by multi-tiers servers.

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  • MCR TELECOMMUNICATION website offers the possibility to make online purchases of products without considering the place of purchase. However, user must be registered to be able to use this feature and is invited to log in first. In order to secure personal data, user should log out to release the session and then keep the information secured. User can follow his orders in since information about purchases are saved and regularly updated. Although online purchasing is quite easy regarding to time saving, MCR TELECOMMUNICATION website does not permit any online payment. Since purchases are done for professional purpose, MCR TELECOMMUNICATION recommends that customers make their inquiries over the telephone or by mail to ensure that product specifications match their requirements. However the user can view or update at any time his personal data held by MCR TELECOMMUNICATION via the website.
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